Liautard And The Queen – Interior Design And More…

Liautard And The Queen
Interior Design And More…

We could let our projects speak for themselves but we also have a kingdom to share… LATQ has tastes and hopes but also whims and convictions!

/ Because we believe that knowing how to build is also knowing how to project and welcome, we collaborate with artists, visual artists, stylists, painters and sculptors… One of their works can become the cornerstone of our creativity and turn an interior into a new legend.
/ Because richness is born from mixtures, we will love to remember our travels and populate our creations with them. We will love to hunt and build combinations of styles that mix the past and the present. We will claim to let go of art as well as master the rules of art!
/ Because we will always work among our peers, we will admire the elegance of Jean-Michel Frank’s furniture, the chic of Andrée Putman, the staging of Annie Leibovitz or the glamour of Tom Ford.
/ Because people are the only scale that counts, we will give a voice to the customers, the family and especially the children, because they are looking for the little beast that we will help them find.
/ Because we do not have a truth to transmit but rather a way of thinking to suggest. We will favour dialogue in order to move the lines, because to grasp reality is above all to work on its contradictions.
We may be irreverent at times, but we will never be disrespectful; in search of the “True” rather than the “Good”.
/ Because we want the planet of the 22nd century to remain blue and green, we will cherish noble materials and venerate refinement through and for ecology. We will try to use resources wisely, we will honour our neighbour and the craftsman next door.
/ Because charity begins at home, we love to pamper ourselves, we love to work as a team without presentationism or hierarchy.

Because the main thing is always elsewhere… with our customers, certainly, or perhaps up in the clouds.

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